"Whatever pains the philosophers have taken to know God by the effort of their intellect, they have not known Him, because they have not loved Him, and because all the rest of the knowledge of the most learned men of the world, who are destitute of love, is a deception...We no sooner love Him than we begin to have a real knowledge of what He is and of what He deserved; it is a knowledge by experience, which is only given by love;just as he who possesses a property knows infinitely better what it is worth than he who has merely heard of it.
"That is why it is written "Taste and thou wilt see" - taste in the first place, by love, how lovable God is, and then you will see, by the knowledge which will be given to you in loving.
"Oh how mistaken are those who make all piety consist in the effort of their minds to know an incomprehensible object, and who persuade themselves that prayer should be a continual reasoning! Oh, no! Prayer should be a continual loving...The knowledge of God should come by love, and not by sight or study. God only gives knowledge of Himself by His love; he who loves the most, knows the most."

The Autobiography of Madame Guyon
A phenomenal story of a woman whose sole desire was for intimacy with the Lord. Written at the command of her confessor, it describes not only the external details of her walk with the Lord, but provides a view of the spiritual relationship which fueled them. I have discovered that we have been handed a seriously reduced picture of the spaces into which God calls us, and this book blows them wide open.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ
Madame Guyon firmly believed that deep, intimate communion with the Lord was the inheritance of every Christian. In other words, a simple field-laborer, indwelt by the Spirit of God, could experience the presence of Jesus Christ as deeply as a full-time member of a monastic order. This book describes a devotional practice which helps the individual prepare for and faciliate the working of the Spirit which draws us into the presence of God.

Final Steps in Christian Maturity
This book is a sequel to 'Experiencing the Depths', and simply contains a selection of teachings gleaned from her 1200-page work "Justifications". The content provides a series of superb and concise discourses on the inner walk of faith and the unitive life.

Union with God
This book is a concise description of the progressive stages of maturity through which one may pass between conversion and 'spiritual marriage' or 'divine union'. As God is unique in His relationship to each one of His children, she never claims that these stages are definitive or necessary, but simply describes her own experience and the Biblical basis for it. The book concludes with a number of poems born of her desire for and walk of intimacy with the Lord.

Spiritual Torrents
Just as Jesus spoke of three kinds of ground into which seed is sown, Guyon speaks of three kinds of rivers: the struggling stream - sometimes dry, sometimes barely moving, the majestic but slow flowing river, and the violent, impetuous torrent which literally flings itself towards the sea with utter abandonment. In describing the course of this third river (a sketch of her own life), Guyon speaks extensively on the utter thoroughness of the work of the cross in the life of a believer. This book, in all truth, scares the daylights out of me. It offends my sense of self-preservation and dignity. It frightens me because the process of crucifixion is so lengthy and so thoroughly merciless that I can't imagine facing it. But the sweetness of the resurrection life which she describes as following this death is, as Paul says, worth this 'momentary light affliction.': "Your Spirit will be so entwined with God's spirit that you will not be able to experience Him as someone separate and disjoint, but only as someone who is deeply joined with you."

The Song of the Bride
Guyon's commentary on the Song of Solomon, interpreting it in light of her experiences in reaching a state of 'spiritual marriage' or 'divine union' with Jesus Christ.

Christ Our Revelation
Guyon's commentary on the Book of Revelation. This will be a very different experience for anyone used to modern eschatological studies. While she does address the issue of 'things to come', her focus in this book is very much on the practical aspects of persecution, endurance, and trust in the Lord which are addressed in John's revelation.

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