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It has now been 4 years since I built that shed. It has been interesting to watch it through the Washington state rains. Because the ground was not really level it developed a crack in one of the sides. The only reason I mention it, of course, is that God's speaking and timing was quite evident at the time it was first built and at this time too. Rains and bugs got in of course. I should have known becuase in the first consrtruction the roof was so painful and difficult to fit that it was a force fit. Now the light has come on this. The scripture speaks of Christ as not only the foundation but also the top stone. It may be, as I see now that this refers to the completion of God's building to bring in the New Jerusalem's coming down from heaven to earth. This may also have something to do with the coming of Christ though the actual time frames may not be exact in their outworking. The point is, this second time I did it, because the ground was much more level, the roof went on easier though as I finally got to that point this time, it began to rain, which tempted me to hasten the task. Fortunately I set it up underneath 3 huge trees which protected me somewhat. However I discovered through my muddy task that haste was not a good idea. THAT did not work. A wise man once said "if the Lord would come back today, it would be to do the baby sitting service to a little 3 year old girl!" So the question: IS there a people as the bride today whose breasts are developed ("the breastplate of faith and love") and without blemish, spot or wrinkle? Because He is coming back for Her! THEN He will fit as the completion.

According to Ephesians 5 Christ is coming for His glorious bride. Well, how does she become so? By building. What am I saying? If the topstone relates to His coming, it makes sense that if the house being built is not fitly framed, it is not going to receive the topstone. If we are not relating to our Lord as our foundation, Founder and Source, how can He be our top stone or Head? To be our true Head, He must be our source in ALL things.  Of course building a HER is not like building an it - there must be travail, birth, feeding and growing: life matters.

Well, this 2nd construction was mine to do whether I liked it or not - but at least it fit up much easier than the first time becuase the ground was much more level. Now, mind you, after many hours spent, it was not COMPLETELY level. But it was much better. What made the difference? Following instructions. What was wrong? The 1st time, though I cleared the ground, put plastic down to kill the plants beneath and dealt with the wind, the ground was still not level. This time the foundation was laid in a spot that had no plants or foreign roots (except a few old ones which had to be cut out), but still it was not level. But the FIRST instructions were followed this time!

So what were the 1st NT instructions? You can only know this by the example the envoys of Christ set for us: in a CERTAIN CITY, Jerusalem, they PRAYED AND PRAYED, THEN preached the gospel and saved folks to assemble ONE assembly and one only in that city. Simple, isn't it? Of course what was that assembly built with? Christ. All the problems came about from Christians who were sometimes trying to build with other elements other than Christ such as circumcision, law, philosophy, gifts, fleshly wisdom, other religious elements and/or the traditions of men. But there was not as much problem with the ground in those days. Even the Judaizing Christians did not divide the one assembly in one city as much as is done today. That there was only one assembly was pretty much accepted in those days.

Even though it was accepted there were still problems if you check I Cor. 1,2 & 3, you'll see they were forming 4 groups based on names of servants of God. There was no problem with the foundation but just the way things were built upon it. Remember, it is not just envoys who are builders, but we all are also builders. We should take heed how we build and with what materials. Paul gave them Christ and His cross as the answer to this dilema. It was never a mere formula, he gave them. Rather it was always a turning from self to Christ.

There were 4 points that were in the instructions I had missed the 1st time. As a result the corner had split, the mildew had come in and the bugs too. A big problem now is my Navy uniforms that were in the seabag there  smell like mildew. Oh well, when a guy retires from the military, he stays in the back seat reserves for another 6 years. Once those years are over he cannot be touched. Unless a terrrrrible war happens in the next 2, I'll never have to worry about trying to get inside them (don't know if I could fit anymore!).

The 4 FIRST points from the original instructions were? 1. Clear the area of stones. 2. Add dirt. 3. Level the dirt with a flat garden rake. 4. Flaten and level the ground some more with a board. The 1st directions were violated by merely surrounding the area with rocks. There was not enough dirt, so the 1st thing I had to do was move all the heavy rocks (which reminds me of removing stones from our hearts in repentance - this was amazing that there was a violation of the very FIRST sentence of the instructions!), get more dirt (which reminds me of gathering in more souls which are made from the dust of the ground) and then the slow painful process of leveling it with the rake and board. Of course I had to test it with the bubble from all angles. If I were to do this again I would just dig a hole and pour cement: all done!

So, this 4 rule way took hours, believe it or not. It was definitely THE hardest part of the whole building process. But, as a result, the building went up far more easier this time and fitly framed together! Now, HERE is a BIG BIG point!! I almost got off track and would have now written you something UNBilical and inaccurate because of my limited understanding of this whole thing!!!!!! Now LISTEN! This is important! For most folks who would have experienced the same thing as me, they might have thought they got some new revelation or many would have thought that they got a comfirmation of the same thing that Watchman Nee saw, not going unwisely going aside from the OBVIOUS mark of God upon great men but following them as they followed Christ. In other words YES! I DO NOT go aside from the things others have seen such as Paul (preach the gospel which is JESUS Himself THROUGH the message of His death and resurrection), such as Watchman Nee (preach it IN a particular city to raise ONE assembly in that one city), or Finney (the FIRST thing in preaching to souls in a city is to use the law of God to convict the consciences of men leading to true repentance), BUT I ALMOST FELL INTO A TRAP!! That trap is to write here that we must follow a WRITTEN BLUEPRINT. The 12 who Jesus appointed did NOT HAVE A WRITTEN BLUEPRINT!!!!

In the OT Moses was given a blueprint of the representation of the REAL blueprint that was to come ... and he wrote it all down. But that blueprint and tabernacle was a PICTURE of the NT blueprint and tabernacle. We must now trumpet this loud and clear: THE NT BLUEPRINT AND TABERNACLE IS CHRIST!!!! Our pattern today is the living Lord Jesus and to make it happen right we must do as Mary, the sister of Martha did and sit at His feet and HEAR HIM!!! There is no substitue for this. The 1st commandment is still to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. The early 12 did not have written scriptures to go by. I am not saying that we should ever go against the scriptures or what is in them. I AM saying that according to Christ, to be scripturally centered instead of centered on Jesus IS UNSCRIPTURAL. He said this: "you search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life, but they are they that testify of Me. And you will not come unto ME that you might have life." For a clearer understanding on how to receive the hearing of the true word of God, (which is not technically the scripture but rather hearing His voice) please see my new articles on this subject. You can start by clicking here. The true assembly building of HIS tabernacle is a life-organism, a she. NOTE: IF YOU SAY YOU ARE FOLLOWING CHRIST BUT DO NOT DO THINGS ACCORDING TO WHAT THE NEW TESTAMENT SAYS THEN YOU ARE A LIAR WHETHER YOU REALIZE IT OR NOT!! So,This MUST start with birthing and develop by feeding and watering. This can only be done in and through Christ and hearing Christ. However, if you stick close to Him as your blueprint and EVERYTHING, you cannot fail to line up with the written Word which is a testimony of the living Word as it's subject. This is why in other parts of this site I recommend to heed reality that true sent ones should sit at Jesus' feet years before being sent ... and do some wilderness time to boot.

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